Damn You Auto Correct!

I was checking out my friend Susan’s Facebook wall when she (or someone commenting on her wall, I can’t remember) mentioned the site Damn You Auto  I’d never heard of this site but I’ve sure experienced my share of cursing at my iPhone when the auto correct feature turns normal misspellings into ridiculous word substitutions.  So I clicked over and immediately began laughing.  Not just a regular chuckle, but full on can’t breathe tears running down my face howling.  I’m serious.  Now, you may be reading this and think “Come on, NO site is that funny!”  PEOPLE, I’m telling you.  This site is.  My Mom & I spent like 20 minutes the other day going “ooh did you see the one where…” because IT’S SO. FLIPPING. FUNNY!!!  So go!  Now!  You’re welcome!

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