Tired of the 0

We have been writing a 2 as the first digit of our year now for 11+ years.  I think we’re all used to the fact that any low number year that is mentioned happened in the year 2000 or later.  So can we drop the 0 now?  I mean, why do I have to say “Oh we got married in 2001”?  Or ’01?  Can’t I just say 1?  I doubt anyone out there is thinking, WOW this chick looks fantastic for getting married in 1901!  If you want to share a story of something that happened in 2010 no one would think you meant 1910 or 1810! We’re all busy people.  Who wouldn’t want the extra seconds back that you’d save by not saying two thousand each time you mention the year??  Who’s with me??  Start practicing.  In 11 we’ll be married 10 years.  In 12 we’re going on a Disney cruise.  In 13 I’ll be 40.  See how easy!

2 thoughts on “Tired of the 0”

  1. I know — you are totally right — but it’s just so darn weird to not have the 2 and the 0. We need it just rolls of the tongue better. Twenty Eleven instead of just Eleven. Sounds too weird to me.


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