Clip it or skip it?

I recently signed up to receive email updates from Couponing to Disney.  I don’t coupon but I like a lot of her tips and freebies.  CSP isn’t big on coupons (and he’s a grocery store manager!) and we do the bulk of our shopping at Aldi where everything is private label so they don’t take coupons.  But I read recently, I think it was on one of the Couponing to Disney emails, that if you are really diligent in your couponing that your hourly rate (if you equated it to being paid) would be over $80!  That’s amazing!  I have friends who are really into couponing.  They have binders and know how to check all the ads and are real pros at it.  I have been thinking about whether or not I should give it a go.  Thing is though, it’s just us two.  Also, we are short on storage space.  We don’t have a pantry.  We do have a laundry room but it’s more of an extra large closet.  I’ve seen situations where people have mini storerooms in their houses!  Rows and rows of product.  So for those of you who coupon, would it be worth it for me to do it?  I was thinking that if I started now then I’d be pretty good at it by the time the kidlets come home.  But if you have to have a ton of storage space to do it right then count me out.  Help!

8 thoughts on “Clip it or skip it?”

  1. I love couponing but I don’t have a mega stash or anything. Did you see that show on TLC, Extreme Couponing? I think they are turning it into a serious. One girl that was on it was Krazy Coupon Lady. She has a website and has some pretty good tips. She has quite the stash too!
    A lot of people who do good with coupons are those that save with double coupons. Kroger is the only store here that does that and even then it’s only up to 50 cents. man I read about shop at Safeway (we don’t have them) and save a lot. But, I have a coupon sites I read and they post matchups for different stores each week along with links to printables or reminders of those that were in the paper. If I see something that’s worthy of stocking up on, then I do. Otherwise, I try to save where I can. I consider it free money.


  2. I’ve always avoided it since coupons are almost always for name brands, and we buy almost exclusively store brand items, I figure I still save that way, with more time to spend with the kids 🙂


  3. we tried the couponing thing. Its huge in our church. But after a few weeks I decided that I was actually spending MORE than before the coupons. Because I would be tempted to buy things I wouldnt normally buy, all because I had a coupon. We also use mostly store brands. OR we go to Sam’s club. Storage is a huge deal for me too though (youve seen my house! grrrr who builds a house with that few cabinets?) Unless you can be like those couponistas who crack the sale rotation and has time/patience to match sales with coupons? meh.


  4. I do NOT coupon. I like the idea, but it doesn’t really work for us. We eat/buy primarily whole foods and I just don’t see a lot of coupons for quinoa, salmon and broccoli. Americans spend far less of our income on food than any other industrialized nations and it isn’t doing great things to our health. I hate the $$ we spend on food sometimes. It seems wasteful when I compare with others, but I have to reconcile myself with the quality. And that sounds really judgey and I don’t mean to be judgey … It’s just what we do.


  5. I have a binder, but have gotten burned out on it before, so I don’t do it as hot and heavy as I used to, but I still do it. I’ve managed to cut our grocery bill about 65-70% and I haven’t paid for toothpaste in over a year and never more than $1 for Nivea Body Wash (that was for the Men’s….mine was free with coupons 🙂 )

    Free is for me and I get a lot free – or close to it – with double or triple coupons. If we can’t use it, there certainly are people who can, so we donate it. Same thing with pet food. A few months ago, with coupons and the right sale, I was able to donate 67 cans of dog food to the local animal shelter and it didn’t cost me anything. I’ve gotten free cat litter, cat food, cat treats. We don’t have a cat, so I donate it. It wasn’t something I could use, but there was someone who could.

    Couponing is an awesome way to save money and I used to buy only store brands. With coupons I’m able to buy name brand items and get them less for than private label goods.

    It’s not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. I think you should do it.


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