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Total Recall

I asked CSP who did he take to the prom?  I don’t remember was his reply.  Who was your first kiss?  I don’t remember.  Your first date? I don’t remember.  Your first hanky panky?  Again, I don’t remember.  How is this possible?  He barely remembers our first date.  Or where he puts things.  Or what we did yesterday.  Me?  I can tell you every detail of every prom I went to.  All about my first crush, first kiss, first heartbreak, etc.  Sure, some other details get a little foggy (like where I put my back up pair of glasses), but milestone events?  I’ve got that down.  So how does he NOT know??   Is this a man thing?  Or has CSP just started seriously losing his mind??

4 thoughts on “Total Recall”

  1. Will knew his prom date’s first name. Couldn’t remember who his first kiss was. Remembered his first hanky panky. However, something that happened two days ago is a total blur. I think it’s the Y chromosome.


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