P is for…Cantaloupe

I’ve been wanting to tell y’all about this for so long but I didn’t know how to type it out.  It’s one of those stories that’s better if you hear my sweet voice tell it.  Ha!  But I’ll give it a go and then post the audio next.  So bear/bare? with me as I will have to spell some things out phonetically.

One afternoon not too long ago CSP & I went out to run some errands and get dinner.  When we were in the car he noticed what I was wearing, which was a coral/ light orange colored top.  Then this happened:

CSP:  Hey Pumpkin!

Me:  I don’t look like a pumpkin.

CSP: Too bad your name’s not PenAH Lope or you’d be PenahLOPE the pumpkin!

Big grin from CSP, silence from me while my wheels turned in my brain.

Me:  PenAHLOPE?  What’s PenAHLOPE?

CSP:  You know, Penahlope, the girls’ name.  You’re Penahlope the pumpkin!

Me:  Do you mean Penelope? said PenELLOHPEE

CSP:  What?  No!  What’s PenELLOHPEE?  It’s Penahlope!

Me:  WHO do you know named Penahlope?

CSP:  Well, no one because it’s an old fashioned name.  But it’s sure not Pen ELL OH PEE!  (he sounded it out like he was speaking a foreign language).

Me:  (am dying laughing by now) Honey, it’s pronounced Penellohpee!  Not Penahlope!

CSP:  No, you’re wrong.  You’re trying to trick me and you can’t.  It’s Penahlope!  Hello!  They don’t call them CAN AL OH PEES!