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At the late night double feature picture show

About once a month my friend Christina and I hit up the big AMC 24 movie theatre and take in a double feature.  AMC doesn’t advertise double features, we just make them up ourselves.  We don’t have a lot of time to go out to the movies so we do the double feature and get 2 in one night.  We start out with dinner somewhere then go see our movies.  We usually have about 15-20 minutes between flicks, just enough time to hit the concessions and restrooms.  We still haven’t perfected it yet.  I keep forgetting to smuggle in my water bottle so that costs me at the concession stand.  It can make for a late night so not everyone is up to the double feature.  I know Deb, my Virtual Twin, she loves them and if she lived closer we’d be hitting up the multi-plex.  I’m excited because I hear they are going to build a movie theatre near our house soon!  Then we’ll be able to alternate instead of always going to the same theatre (although our AMC rewards cards are benefitting from it!).  I love movies and I look forward to our double features every month!