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Shower the people you love with love

I’m throwing my first baby shower in March!  It’s for Shannon G who’s married to Mustachio.  Naturally it’s a mustache themed baby shower!  I have lots of fun ideas but can always use more.

  • What are some fun baby shower games?  Besides “measure the Mommy”.  That one gets a big no.
  • What should I stay away from?
  • Good baby shower foods?

I’m so excited!  I’ve already been planning this for months!  And there’s nothing cuter than a baby with a rockin’ stache!

6 thoughts on “Shower the people you love with love”

  1. Food depends on the time of day and if you want folks to eat or just snack?

    The last BS I hosted was at lunch, we had those yummy Pepperidge Farm mini-roll ham sandwiches, pasta salad, veggies, and fruit.

    Good finger foods are

    For games, you could:

    1. Guess the Gift Bingo – guests fill in a grid with gifts they think she’ll receive. They can’t list their own gift.

    2. Baby Supply Word Scramble – pretty self explanatory

    3. Diaper Pin Game – everybody gets one when they walk in and they pin it to their blouse. Whenever a guest sees another cross their legs, they can steal the guest with the crossed legs pin (you would not believe how many women do this unconsciously). Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower wins. You could use clothes pins if you can’t find diaper pins.

    4. You could always do a “Guess the Mustache” game with famous people with notorious mustaches like Albert Einstein, Tom Selleck, Hitler, etc…


  2. When I was pregnant with my son, my friends made a delicious drink. I’m not a big fan of punch, so she took Sprite and mixed it with Raspberry Ice Crystal Light. It was so yummy!


  3. oo I love baby showers. You can take the labels off of baby food jars and have people taste them to identify them. thats always funny

    I always tend to go for light stuff at a shower. dips, fruit, pasta salad, maybe cupcakes.


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