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2011, I think you’re gonna rock

2011 is going to be a big year for us.  On March 3 CSP & I will celebrate 10 years married.  On December 12 CSP will turn 40.  Between March & December we’ll have lots of other things going on as well I’m sure.  We’ve decided to celebrate those two milestones with a Disney Cruise in January 2012!  We’re so excited!  We booked the cruise in November with Lisa.  She’s a Disney travel agent (she’s also one of my favorite people) and she totally took care of us.  Got us the perfect room.  Then on CSP’s birthday his parents booked the cabin next to ours.  We haven’t taken a vacation with them before so it’s high time.  We are cruising on the Disney Magic.  When Lisa & Pete got married we cruised on the Disney Wonder.  It was so wonderful!  I can’t wait to experience another ship.  Cruising is my absolute favorite way to vacation.  If we could cruise to Vegas I’d totally do it.  I love the Disney ships most of all.  They are so beautiful!  This will be my 10th cruise and CSP’s 3rd.  It will be his parents’ first commercial cruise.  His dad did some cruising as a Vietnam vet but that’s not quite the same!  We booked rooms with balconies again.  We had a balcony room for Lisa & Pete’s wedding cruise in 2008 and it was wonderful.  Well worth the extra cost.  I went on a cruise in November 2009 on a Royal Caribbean ship and it just made me miss the Disney ship even more!

Our itinerary is exciting!  We are stopping at Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island),  Key West (CSP’s never been), Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.  We may stay on board in Cozumel if Mexico is still as dangerous then as it has been lately!  We don’t mind staying on board though- you get the pool to yourself!  Plus we have 2 full days at sea.  It’s a 7 night cruise- a real treat!

One of the most exciting aspects of this trip is who might be going with us……our little nugget!  Our social worker is coming to start our home visits this month now that we’re settled in to the new house.  We put them on hold during the move (why have her inspect the old house if we weren’t going to be living there?).  Once our home inspections are over then we wait to be matched.  She said it is very reasonable to expect that our kidlet will be home with us in plenty of time to get settled before our trip!  I pray every day that this will be the case.  Can you imagine how wonderful that will be?!?  Our first family vacation and it’s a Disney Cruise?!?  We have been saving our pennies for the cruise already but now we’ll be saving even more so we can make this trip extra wonderful for Lil Bit.  I’m a big planner and I’ve already kicked it into planning mode!  The last major part of the trip planning will be pug care.  There’s a girl who works at our vet office who pet sits so we’re going to try and book her.  Fingers crossed she’s available.

2011, Let me tell you…2010 and quite a few of the years leading up to 2011 were not so great for us, especially when it comes to our quest to become parents.  But I’ve got a good feeling about you 2011!

9 thoughts on “2011, I think you’re gonna rock”

  1. I hope 2011 rocks your socks off! I’m so excited about baby CSP. I have my sights set high for 2011, so we’ll see what happens. xo


  2. Crossing my fingers for you!!! That cruise looks amazing. And the kidlet…… well…… holy shipmate!!!!!!! Best news ever!!!!


  3. 2011 is your year! I am so excited to hear this news. You are going to be an amazing mom. You guys will rock out that Disney ship ( I love Disney cruises and I have been on that itinerary you selected, it was great).


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