Southern White Christmas

This Christmas was the first White Christmas that Charlotte has experienced since 1947! Lonely Christmas tree on the Christmas tree lot.  You can just make out the lights It didn’t start snowing where we were until dinner, but hey- that still counts!  The day after Christmas, Boxing Day for our Canadian friends, CSP, Zoe, and I went out to look at the snow. Zoe's ready to go see the snow! We got about 3.5-4 inches in our little suburb but in our old neck of the woods they got over 5 inches!  That might not seem like a lot to some of you but that’s a big deal in Charlotte and an even bigger deal that it was on Christmas!  Plus it was floofy snow.  We usually get an ice/snow mix so it was great to have the fluffy stuff.

Here’s our snowy house :Our snowy house There’s a farm down the street from us where they turned their hay bales into a big angel!  At night his halo and wings light up.  So fun! Love this hay guy!  All dusted with snow! Snow makes even the normally boring drive to Starbucks pretty: Everything's prettier in the snow! Even the drive to Starbucks! CLick on all the pics to enlarge. When we returned home we took the pugs out to the back patio to see how they’d like the snow. Apparently pugs are not snow dogs! At least ours aren’t! Zoe was determined to keep at least one paw out of the white stuff: Zoe figures if she can keep that ONE paw in the air then she's won the battle of snow vs. pug. Kiki was kind of bored with the whole thing: Hmm, snow is cold noms. And Molly was the most pitiful of all! Molly is NOT a snow pug The snow started melting that day and was completely gone within a few days but it was sure fun while it lasted! If you’d like to see more pictures click here.

5 thoughts on “Southern White Christmas”

  1. Lovely white Christmas for you all north of here. I can’t believe how much gray the “kids” have on their face! Sending them kisses.


    1. I know! Zoe has the most and she’s the youngest! She’s also the biggest kisser so watch out if you get to meet her one day! She slipped my MIL the tongue on Christmas! ha!


  2. I didn’t know your new house was near the haybale man!?!?! My hubby’s family lives near there, too!


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