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Wiki, wiki, casino chickie

I love the internet.  I love being able to Google any question I might have and have it answered right away.  More often than not Google directs me to Wikipedia for my answers.  LOVE Wikipedia.  I even have the iPhone app.  So imagine my delight when I found out there is a wiki for Online Casino Information!  Now, any time I have questions about the Online Casino and Gambling industry I know just where to go!

The entries are in depth and informative.  For instance, you can learn all about Casino King.  Or the top 10 online casinos.  All the information is right there!  Now, nothing beats going to an actual casino, especially in Vegas, but if you can’t get out West then go online!  And what’s so cool is that if you’re an expert on casinos, gaming, etc. then you can add information to the casino wiki.  Very neat.

I really dig a collaborative community like the wiki sites.  Especially coming from the casino/gambling community where competition can be fierce.  I mean, not everyone can win, not everyone can beat the house!  I’m thinking though, that online gambling might be better on the wallet than the real life casino circuit.  I mean, think about it.  You go to Vegas and you walk into these amazing casino hotels.  Those hotels cost a bajillion dollars each just to build.  Not to mention run every single day.  And you know what they say, the house always wins.  So every penny you put into a slot machine is pretty much guaranteed to go to the house.  But you play online?  On your own computer.  In your comfy clothes.  No smoke to deal with.  Not all that annoying noise.   You don’t have to fight a plucky old lady for the best machine.  Much lower overhead should equal better odds, right?

Good luck and go into it fully informed by checking out the wiki!

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  1. I love Wiki too! I also love casinos. I have no done any online gambling, mostly because besides hearing the ching ching ching, I love to people watch.

    But thanks for the sites, like you saiu, it’s really important to research. Nice informative stuff!


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