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Girl time

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with 2 of my favorite girls, Shannon & Emily.  We met for soup & salad at Olive Garden.   I can’t remember the last time I ordered anything other than Zuppa Toscana, salad, and breadsticks.  Emily lit up as soon as I walked in.  She climbed right in my last and stayed attached to me for the rest of the afternoon.  I couldn’t love that girl more if she were my own.  She’s so sweet and SO funny !  She was so good at lunch and allowed Shannon & I to visit for an hour and a half without a single meltdown.  That’s a lot to say about a 3 year old !

After lunch we went over to the Great Wolf Lodge for ice cream and for Shannon & Emily to get a sense of the place.  Because it was on a weekendEm @ Great Wolf Lodge the place was super crowded.  We enjoyed some ice cream, toured around a bit then went back over to the mall and shopped for a wee bit at Children’s Place for things for Em.  Little girl stuff is just SO cute.  I feel sorry for our budget when we get our girl.

All throughout the day Emily would say just the cutest things. I would think I better remember this so I can blog about it later.  But there were just too many little zingers!  I couldn’t keep up!  One thing I loved was when she told her Mom to “Just relax”.  SO funny.  In that tiny little voice.  She constantly tells Shannon “Shanny silly, Mommy” and I loved when she was sitting on my lap examining my head.  She found a mole on my neck and looked up at her mom with big eyes “WHAT’S THIS Mommy?”.  Like she had found an alien growing out of me.  Cracks me up, that girl does.