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Girl, you’ll be a woman soon.

Last night against the violent protestations of my sore chest and horrible cough, I met up with Momo for dinner and a movie.  Armed with a bag of Hall’s cough drops I made the drive down.  I left early (don’t be shocked, I am trying to be better with my time management) and stopped off for pug food and gas first.  Thten I met Momo at Charanda, our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I had chicken tortilla soup and it was wonderful.  It was like having dinner with a movie star.  I can’t count all the boys who stopped by our table for Momo hugs.  Then I got hugs when she introduced me as “mi hermana”.  

After dinner we went to see Get Him to The Greek.  I don’t  know what it is about Russell Brand.  He looks like he may be crawling with STDs but there is just something about him that is quite appealing.  Hmmm.  The movie has some really funny parts.  I had a fabulous time as usual with Momo.  She is just so grown up now.  I can barely stand it.  I love that she’s grown up into this gorgeous young woman, but I want her to be 3 years old again!

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  1. Know what you mean about Mr. Brand. He was a stitch in St. Trinian’s School for Girls, and oddly appealing. I’m not usually attracted to guys with long hair or guys who look like they don’t bathe on a regular basis. It must be the dark eyes.


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