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It’s like I live in the future!

So ever since I was released from the hospital my life has just been all about recovering and building up my strength again. Climbing the stairs has not been easy. I’m still dealing with lots of nausea and I have very little appetite, which isn’t really a bad thing. I have my follow up doctor visit tomorrow and he’ll be taking some blood so we’ll see how my levels are.
In the meantime I’ve reactivated my Netflix account and it has helped keep me sane.   I LOVE being able to watch Netflix via the Wii!  It’s like we’re the Jetsons!  It’s so cool. I add something to my queue from the laptop  and it appears on my tv.  Amazing!  Now I’m all caught up on Weeds.  Every time I watch that show I think “I could totally sell weed”.  But who am I kidding? I don’t have street skills.  I’d set up a roadside stand for my weed and be in jail by 4:20.