Lousy way to lose a few pounds

So, we left off where they sent me home from the hospital with meds after a night on the IV.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were more of the same.  I didn’t improve at all.  No sleep, couldn’t hold anything down.  Couldn’t drink, couldn’t eat, nothing.  CSP put buckets all over the house because I couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time most of the time.  I was feeling even more weak and light headed.  When they released me from the hospital Wednesday morning they told me if I wasn’t better in 2 days to come back because I’d need to be back on the IV.  Well here it was Friday afternoon and no better.  I called my doctor’s office to see if they could do an IV there but apparently you have to go to the hospital.  So we went. Continue reading “Lousy way to lose a few pounds”