Well, that’s real mature

It makes me sick that groups like this exist. I don’t care how you feel about Obama, to pray for his death is just wrong. I’m shocked and appalled that any of my Facebook friends would click the “like” button for this group. No matter his policies he is still the president of our country and should be respected, if not for his politics and his office, then at least for being a human being. Grow up people.

5 thoughts on “Well, that’s real mature”

  1. Totally agree. I was going to write something nasty on my status update about it but then realized many of my friends(and even a couple of family members) had actually posted it on their status updates!. Instead of being passive aggressive about it, I wrote short(respectful) notes in their comments, telling them they should think before they put something like that on their FB status.

  2. Chances are the person in question isn’t much of one for praying but IS thinking he or she is sort of funny in a sarcastic way. I doubt he/she literally prayed for his death. Is it right? No, but some folks do seem to find more humor in things that aren’t “right” than are.

  3. I know! The first time I read that someone had joined that group, I was like, “OUCH! That’s harsh!” Ugh ~ I hope that group gets removed.

  4. I completely agree. I have several friends that put very hateful disrespectful comments about Obama and it erks me. The presidency is HARD job and no one can do it perfectly to please everyone. He’s trying, lets support that effort!

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