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Walcreature spotting! And other news…

Today I met up with Gigi at their house.  We ran a few errands (yay for checking in opportunities on Foursquare!) then went to visit Gmommy at the nursing home.  Afterward we met up with Papa to see Valentine’s Day.  Save it for a dvd rental.  It was cute but not cute enough to rehash after over dinner.

While we were out and about we stopped in at Walmart to look for some khaki pants for Momo to wear to work.  We were searching all through the clothing department until we finally spotted a Walmart employee to ask for help. From the front she looked pretty normal, like a sweet grandma.  I noticed her hair made a gray halo around her face.  Then she turned around and we were blown away! photo.jpg I couldn’t sneak a pic without being caught so you’ll have to make due with this drawing I did on my phone. The back of her head in the middle there was a mound of hair. Then circling her head was a perfect hair tube. Like a giant hair sausage ring sitting right atop her head. There must have been some sort of clip or band holding the shape. We could NOT figure it out and Gigi was too chicken to go ask her about it.  The hair tunnel extended out into space a good 3 inches all around her head.  It was fascinating!  I could barely take my eyes off it.  It was like a floating follicle UFO!

In other news our adoption class was snowed out again Saturday.  I am normally a HUGE winter fan and I adore snow but this has gotten ridiculous!  The forecast for this week looks promising though!  We’re working on all our homework. Tons of forms and paperwork and copies of this, that, and the other.  Makes me wish I were a little more organized.  They want copies of our high school diplomas.  Who knows where those things are?!

Also, I want to extend an apology to my Facebook friends.  I’m so sorry that Farmville has sucked me in.  It makes me post all these things on my page like “Shannon found a rare golden egg. Click here to get one too.”  I know that annoys the hell out of some of you but when you’re a Farmville ho you’ll do what you have to do, man.  My family made fun of me for a while.  Yeah, now Sara & Gigi are both hooked too.  Sara’s only on Farm Town but Gigi & I have farms on Town & Ville!  It’s insane!  No wonder I haven’t filed our taxes yet, I’m too busy harvesting peppers!

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