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I heart the birthday boy

Saturday was CSP’s 38th birthday! We went out to his parents’ house for his birthday dinner. We brought them their Christmas tree and CSP helped his dad set it up. CSP & his dad setting up their tree The Christmas tree lots in their town aren’t as good as the ones in our town so we picked up their tree for them. CSP & his dad pulling the twine off the tree They paid us back, we aren’t forestry elves.
Each year CSP’s mom makes a themed cake for CSP’s birthday. He’s an only child. This year the theme was Spongebob. Spongebob cake made by CSP's mom We’re not exactly sure why. CSP's presents were Spongebob themed this year Sure, CSP enjoys the show as much as the next guy, but he’s no mega fan. His parents had a great time with it, and the cake was fantastic so it was all good. I wonder what CSP’s wishing for here: CSP making his birthday wishSpongebob's shirt is on fireCSP blowing out his candles More pictures here.