Still cruising

Wednesday was the 3rd day of our cruise.  That was the day we were in Nassau.  Nassau in the Bahamas Tuesday in Coco Cay Nanny twisted her knee in the choppy water.  So she wasn’t in the mood to leave the ship.  Fine with me as we’ve both been there many times. We had breakfast with a whole bunch of people.  You have breakfast and lunch with strangers each time if you eat in the main dining room.  Our breakfast mates were hilarious. There was this one elderly couple who were just cracking us up.  They were from Yonkers but now live in Florida.  Seemed like everyone we met was from up North but lived in Florida now.  Anyway, this couple, Mickey & Ruth were both in their 90s.  They go on one or two cruises a month.  They have already booked a cruise on the new Oasis of the Seas, the largest ship in the world.  I asked where were they going on the cruise on the Oasis of the Seas?  Ruth said “Who knows? We don’t care where we go. We just cruise for the food and the shows.” Love it!

We spent the day exploring the ship,Me in the elevator on the Monarch of the Seas The Monarch of the Seas napping, and lounging on deck chairs, Nanny telling me stories the whole time. Nanny chilling on the deck of the Monarch of the Seas! I love hearing all about her life in Ireland and Australia, her courtship with my American soldier grandfather, her early days in America as a war bride.  We were really excited because our cruise schedule said there was to be an afternoon tea.  We were expecting hot tea and little pastries.  Apparently “afternoon tea” means something different to Royal Caribbean.  Instead of a proper tea it was a snack buffet with ice cream and make your own tea.  Sigh.

That night’s shows were awesome! Continue reading “Still cruising”