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Cruisin with the oldies

Now that I’m back in the land of the computers I can tell you all about my cruise last month with my Nanny (my grandmother).  CSP & I had planned on going down to Florida to visit her for a few days.  Then CSP couldn’t get off work.  Nanny’s been getting a little cabin fever so she suggested we go on a cruise.  I didn’t think we could find anything cheap enough but I found a 4 night Royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise for just $207 each including all taxes and port charges.  What made this trip even better was that I was treated.  So I didn’t have to pay for a thing!  Well, one cocktail and one round of bingo. 🙂 Our ship was the Monarch of the Seas.  Monarch of the Seas It’s an older ship, but a pretty ship.

Nanny lives just a couple hours from Port Canaveral so I drove down to her house on Sunday.  I called her a couple of times from the road.  Each time she made a point to remind me not to pick up any hitch hikers.  Never in my life have I picked up a hitch hiker.  I certainly wasn’t going to give it a go while I was driving all alone for 10 hours! Continue reading “Cruisin with the oldies”