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And the winner is…..

It’s time to announce the winner of the Carolina Pad Hot Chocolate giveaway!  I am at my sister’s house using her computer to post this so I thought I’d enlist the help of the resident super hero in picking the winner.  First I checked Twitter, Facebook, and the post for entries.  Then I wrote down everyone’s name who entered, once for each comment, and another entry for a tweet or fb post.  I cut out the names. All the entrants in my Carolina Pad giveaway I put them in a bowl. Put all the names in a bowl Jacob, Batman mixed up all the names. Jacob, I mean, Batman, mixed up the names Then Batman reached in with his eyes closed and picked the winner. Batman reached in and chose Karen P! Congratulations Karen P! Please email your name & address to me at heyshanny at gmail dot com. I will pass that info on to Carolina Pad and they will ship out your prize package!