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Cutest door to door popcorn salesman ever

Cutest door to door popcorn salesman ever. Jacob in his cub scout uniform. My nephew Jacob in his Cub Scout uniform. I asked him all about his patches on his shirt. When we got to the patch of the American flag I said “What’s this one mean?” He said “That’s the Pledge of Allegiance flag.  Aunt Shanny, would you like to buy some popcorn?”  Who could resist that little face?  I’ll be receiving our $17 bucket of popcorn in a couple weeks.

They sell popcorn to help pay for their uniforms and trips and activities.  They are going on the coolest field trips!  One of the trips (if they raise enough money) is to spend the night on an aircraft carrier!  Another trip is to spend the night inside the fish tunnel at the Atlanta aquarium!  I wanna be a chaperone!  Except I use a CPAP machine & mask at night.  Can you imagine the horror as a bunch of 6 year old boys try to go to sleep with this in their midst? I'm all strapped in with my cpap just about to fall asleep. Making that Darth Vader noise?  There’s an express ticket to therapy!