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Leaf peepers on the loose

We went to take a movie back today & decided to drive down a couple roads we haven’t ventured down before. We took the pugs with us and rolled down the windows so they could enjoy the mountain air while we enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous colored leaves. I drove CSP up to see the ski slopes at Sugar Mountain then we swung by Grandfather Mountain. I saw the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance and decided to hop on that to take us back to Boone. Well, I’m no good with directions. CSP asked if I knew where I was going. I replied with a little huff in my voice that Hello? Who’s the one who grew up in the Carolinas? Who’s visited the NC mountains all her life? I then turned right on the parkway and we enjoyed our drive until we realized we weren’t seeing the landmarks I thought we’d see.
Went to return a movie, got adventurous, took a different road & somehow got lost on the Blue Ridge Parkway heading! Seems I took us almost to Asheville. Which is a great city, but not nearly close enough to our house! Ended up taking us over 3 hours to return that movie!  And if you’re wondering why all my pictures from this were taken with my iPhone and not my camera, well it seems that, like a big dope, I left my camera sitting right there on my kitchen table at home, in Charlotte. Doh!