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Celeb sighting!

Papa & Gigi went to Arizona for a little anniversary getaway last week. While in Sedona they stayed in a swanky resort where at breakfast one morning they spotted Vince Vaughn! He was apparently in deep conversation. Gigi snuck out to the patio where my Vince was enjoying breakfast with 3 other people. Gigi said he never stopped talking the entire time she was on the patio pretending to take pics of the scenery, and that was about 30 minutes! Who knew he was such a motor mouth? Gigi went into super stealth mode and snapped this shot of Vince & his group. Papa & Gigi had breakfast at the same restaurant as Vince Vaughn! Click to enlarge!

8 thoughts on “Celeb sighting!”

  1. Mmmmm delicious! I just love him, even when he is getting drunk and arrested….

    1. I love him too! Good thing it was Gigi and not me there. I would have pushed that skinny chick of his out of the way and embarrassed myself!

  2. Cool! I like Vince Vaugh. I’ve usually been pretty cool seeing various celebrities…I think the only time I got star-struck was when I saw Indiana Jones..errr..I mean Harrison Ford.

    1. I’m no good at spotting celebs. I could walk right by them and not know it. Now Vince I’d recognize, but most of them I’d be in my own little world.

  3. What? He was in my backyard and I didn’t even see him! That’s just wrong. I never see anybody. Maybe if I lifted my head once in a while…I think his parents live in Scottsdale.

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