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Ridiculous amount of free prints

709cow-postersI love a freebie. I use Artscow to order free prints. They are constantly putting credits for free pictures and other items in my account. If you sign up now with them you will get 1200 free prints. ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED FREE PICTURES. Half 5×7, half 4×6. All you pay is shipping. Now, some people complain about paying shipping. But I say, if all you have to pay is a few $ for HUNDREDS of free prints, then, well, suck it up buddy. I don’t look a gift cow in the mouth, know what I’m sayin?

Things you might want to know about Artscow:

  • They print on Fuji film paper.
  • They ship from Hong Kong.  ( I usually get my photos in a week or less)
  • Their uploading tools are quite basic (especially for an older Mac like mine)
  • Well, I guess that’s it.  I’ve always been happy with their quality.

So…wanna sign up and get 1200 free prints?  Click here.  That’s my referral link.  You sign up with them and make your first order and I get 200 free prints.  Then you can refer friends and everyone’s happy!  Ok, gotta go finish my order!

5 thoughts on “Ridiculous amount of free prints”

  1. That’s incredible! One question, though…do you have to use up all 1200 at once? That sounds like it will take a looonnnnggg time to upload!


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