Spring 2009 Photo Bloggy Days- with a twist!

It’s time for the Spring round of PhoBloDays!  This Friday & Saturday May 15 & 16th take a picture at least once every 2 hours. Photograph everything: your breakfast, the inside of your shower, your view when you wake up, what you see on your commute to work, your desk, your lunch, you get the idea! Things you think are every day and mundane to you are interesting to us!

Post your photos of Friday & Saturday. You can do both days to show the difference between work & play, or just the one day.  I wanted to include a business & non-business day for variety. For those of us who don’t work outside the home, don’t fret- there’s tons of stuff for you to photograph!

Join our Flickr PhoBloDays photogroup!

Take pics of your day then post them later. Like you can take pics all day Friday then post them on Saturday or Friday night. Take your Saturday pics then post them Sunday or Saturday night or Monday even. No need to continually post throughout the day. Although you can do that too if you’d like. It’s totally laid back about when you post. Just make sure your photos are of Friday and/or Saturday. The main goal is to be able to go to different blogs and see what our bloggy friends were doing at the exact same time. Like I wonder what Lisa in Baltimore was doing while I was having lunch in Charlotte. That kind of thing.

Carry your camera with you all day. Start now to get into the habit. Go to sleep with your camera by your side!

If you’d like to take part remember to leave a comment here or email me heyshanny at gmail dot come to let me know and I’ll link to you on the big day.

How to upload all those pics quickly? What if you want to upload to Flickr, your blog and Facebook at the same time? Try Pixelpipe! Thank you Michelle M. for telling me about this free time saver! It’s so easy and super fast. Go here for details.

Now for the twist: I’m aware that some people have abandoned their blogs in favor of Facebook. If you are not currently blogging, please feel free to take part & post on your FB page.  Creating a “note” would probably be easiest.  Just leave a comment here or email me with a link to your page/note.

Mark your calendars! Friday & Saturday May 15 & 16th are Spring PhoBloDays!

Can’t wait to see your pics!


9 thoughts on “Spring 2009 Photo Bloggy Days- with a twist!”

  1. I might do this via twitter with Twitpic, actually. I’m entirely TOO lazy to like…take photos and upload them normally.


  2. Hi Shanny. I always love the photo days you have. I’ve seen them on Ani’s and Jesser’s blogs. I’m playing this time. Is that OK?


  3. Ok, our pics are halfway up. I’ll finish the post tonight when the girls go to sleep. And I should tell you that I totally messed up and did Sunday pics instead of Fri or Sat ones. Sigh……… Does this mean I don’t get any cake the next time you’re visiting CA? 🙂


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