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Slight difference

CSP brought home a movie last night for us to watch this evening.  He was all excited about it because he used our free Monday movie code from Redbox. By the way, I post the code on my Facebook page if you’d like a free movie, and who wouldn’t?  Anyway, CSP came home from work today, he put the dvd in the machine and we settled in to watch the movie.  I asked what movie we were watching and CSP told me it was The Day the Earth Stood Still with Keanu Reeves.  Ok, sounds good.

Then the previews started.  Odd. They didn’t seem like the sort of previews that would precede a big budget thriller.  One preview was for 18 Year Old Virgin. Haven’t heard of it?  Yeah, me either.  So I hit the menu button and hit play.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the screen (folding laundry) until the credits came up and this caught my eye:  A film by C. Thomas Howell.  Really?  The dude from Soul Man directed this?  Huh.  I guess Ponyboy really stayed gold.  Who knew?  Then the cast credits came up and it said Ponyboy was starring in this movie.  And his name was listed first.  Right before Judd Nelson.  The hell?  I thought Keanu was the only 80s teenage movie star that was in this flick.  I hit menu again and read the title of the movie.  It was not in fact, The Day the Earth Stood Still.  My husband brought home  The Day the Earth Stoppedmv5bndywmti1mzc3mf5bml5banbnxkftztcwotg3mtewmg_v1_sx100_sy140_So C. Thomas, Judd, if you’re wondering who the one person is who actually rented what I’m sure is a cinematic gem, it was CSP.  My boy does not need to pick out movies at the end of a 10 hour shift.  Popped that sucker out and returned it asap.  Sorry Ponyboy, but we just couldn’t hang.

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  1. I have been loving Redbox too.. although they usually get a few bucks from me everytime since I either forget to return it next day, or dont get out to Wal-Mart.


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