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Just in case the 80s really do come back

When I was in middle school in the 80s I got my ears double pierced and my left ear triple pierced.  That made me three times cooler than the average chick, ya know.  Every now and then I’ll find myself poking an earring back through those extra holes.  I haven’t worn earrings in those holes in years and years, yet some odd compulsion has me sticking an earring through them periodically.  Why?  Is my subconcious worried that wearing all of your earrings at once will come back in fashion and I’ll be left with just 2 holes to adorn?  At least I’m not still pegging my acid washed jeans or jacking my bangs up a mile high anymore.  Although that would be totally rad.

7 thoughts on “Just in case the 80s really do come back”

  1. I must be a rebel…I still wear earrings in all three of my holes in each ear. Although, I must admit, I did let the one in the very top of my ear hurt too bad getting it pierced the first time to even think about getting it done again 🙂


  2. If mile-high hair EVER comes back into fashion, I’ll be ready for it because I was so good at it. Just give me some extra-duty RAVE Hair Spray and I’m set!


  3. I only have one extra hole in one ear because my other ear has 2 ear lobes. I think the ear piercer didn’t want to even touch it let alone pierce that ear lobe!
    And I only wear one set of earings and I find myself doing the exact same thing!!! Weird.
    Well the neon, the leggings, the everything else is back.. why not mile high hair or acid wash jeans?


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