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Sara health update

Time for an update on my sister Sara’s health situation. To review: for months and months now she’s been dealing with anemia & an enlarged spleen. Doctors in Charlotte have not been able to figure out what’s wrong with her and they also can’t decide if they should take her spleen out or leave it in. She is tired all the time. She is swollen to the point that she looks pregnant. She can’t ride in a car for more than an hour without pain. Sleeping is a problem because of the pain. A few weeks ago we went to Wake Forest University to see a doctor that was supposed to diagnose her. Finally her blood tests came back. They STILL don’t know what’s wrong with her.
Last week her doctors here put her on a new medication. A chemo drug called decadron.  Yes, it is a possibility that she has cancer, specifically leukemia.  But she has not been diagnosed with anything yet really except for auto immune hemolyptic anemia.  Anyway, back to the new drug regimen.  They put her on this new drug because all her levels had dropped dangerously low.  Her white blood cell count was really down in addition to everything else that’s been all wonky for her since this ordeal started.  She was on it for 5 days.  Day one found her feeling better than she’s felt in years.  TONS of energy.  Like a bunny on crack.  Downside?  No sleep.  None.  None that night, none the next.  Finally she crashed- and felt like death on a biscuit until today.  Today she’s starting to feel a little better.  She’s still so exhausted, frustrated, lethargic, the works.  But the good news is she had a blood test the other day and all her levels drastically improved!  White blood cells went from 3 to 10 (whatever that means).

She’s going to be on this treatment for a week a month for the forseeable future.  Here’s hoping that one week of hell a month with fix her.  As you can imagine we’re all frustrated and worried out of our minds. So, please keep her in your prayers. xoxo

12 thoughts on “Sara health update”

  1. Hey Shannon,

    I had NO idea that Sara was this sick! OH NO! Im for sure praying for her now. Thanks for letting us know about the blog on faceB………



  2. I sorry that they’ve been unable to find out what is wrong (still!)….but I continue to keep her and your family in my prayers. (((HUGZ)))


  3. thanks for the update shannon. i think of sara all the time and keep her in my prayers. i know it’s tough when a diagnosis cannot be found.


  4. That sucks they still can’t figure it out. You need House!
    Hope this new drug keeps working and makes Sara better.


  5. Sorry to hear that there still isn’t a diagnosis for Sara. I hope they figure it out soon! You guys are all in my thoughts!


  6. I just can’t imagine going through what Sara is going through. I sure pray that they find what it is and are able to give her some relief. Sounds like the drug is working to help her.

    THank you for the sweet comment about our Holly. I’m so glad that AM gave her to us to care for. She was so special.


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