Puggy goodness

Zoe went out with me the other day while I ran errands. She LOVES going for rides. We just did a bunch of drive through things (dropped off mail at the blue post office box, dropped off library books, etc). Zoe rode with me while I ran errands today. She had a great time. When we got home we hung out on the porch with CSP & the other pugs for a while. We’re really loving this long, cool Spring. In the Carolinas it too often jumps from Winter to Seventh Level of Hell HOT. Molly on her Daddy's lap on the back porch.Kiki on her Daddy's lap on the back porch. The pugs are so funny. They saw me take a picture of Kiki on her Daddy’s lap so then they each had to take a turn and get a picture. Hams.Zoe on her Daddy's lap on the back porch.

4 thoughts on “Puggy goodness”

  1. Your puggies are so darn cute!!
    Our pomeranian used to LOVE going to drive thrus. We used to tell him we were going to see ‘girls with arms’ and he’d get all excited! What we don’t do, huh?
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


  2. That car shot turned out really well!

    Yea Gus is the same way too… god forbid he not be the one with a camera pointed at him!


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