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Sweet standoff

We were having a baked good situation in our house that finally came to a head last night.  You see, when I was baking my BIL’s birthday cake at the beginning of the month, CSP was whining that he wanted his own chocolate cake.  So I baked him a chocolate cake.  And that was fine.  Until he saw Pumpkin bread mix at Aldi.  Then I baked him pumpkin bread.  And that was fine until he thought of putting chocolate chips in the pumpkin bread and making them muffins and would I please do that?  So I did and that was fine.

Then last night I baked up some almond/coconut/chocolate chip cookies.  They smelled so good while they were baking.  And they taste damn good.  But I noticed while I was mixing them up that my kitchen counter was awfully cluttered.  There was one slice of chocolate cake in the cake dome.  And a fourth of the pumpkin bread was turning into a brick in the loaf pan.  And there were still 4 pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins in a zip loc bag.  I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, and especially not chocolate cake.  All these baked goods are mainly just for my hard working man to enjoy.  So it was easy for me not to notice the cake sitting there since I have no interest in it.  And then I saw CSP eyeing the almond cookies.  Oh hells no.  I had to lay down the law.  So I did.  And a while later….

CSP:  (plops down on the sofa and groans)  I’m gonna throw up.

Me:  What’s wrong with you?

CSP: I’m so full.

Me:  Well why’d you eat so much?

CSP: You made me!

Me:  No I didn’t!

CSP:  You said I had to eat all the muffins before I could have any cookies.  Well I wanted cookies tonight!  That’s 4 muffins I had to eat!

More groaning and moaning.

Me:  I don’t feel sorry for you at all.

7 thoughts on “Sweet standoff”

  1. HA! yeah, I wouldn’t feel sorry for him either. That’s too funny though. I can just picture him scarfing down these muffins so he could have the cookies.


  2. omg that is by far one of the funniest things i have ever heard lol… what a silly silly man…


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