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A very adult occasion

Friday night we went to my sister Sara‘s gallery debut. We all felt very grown up.  Two of her photos are now hanging in a gallery! Marc & Sara at Sara's gallery debut That’s Marc (my BIL) and Sara with her photos. Sara framed them really nicely and the gallery put them in a great spot, right up front. There was lots of milling about and mingling. Gigi, Sara & Marc at the gallery Papa, Gigi, Momo, Marc, and I all came to support Sara. Papa, Momo, Gigi, Marc & Sara at Sara's gallery debut I tried to take a group shot of us myself but it didn’t work out. I attempted a group shot, but my arms are too short to get us all in the frame I may be biased, but I think Sara’s photos were some of the best in there. By a LONG shot! I did like this picture though. Be sure to click on it to enlarge. It’s a TEENY tiny baby hummingbird perched on a person’s thumb! Thummingbird Impossibly cute! Check out the rest of the pics from the night here.  I’m so proud of Sara!

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  1. congrats sara… i loved having my gallery shows in college… oh to paint again… and to take the time to do real photography again too lol… sooo jealous lol… how is she feeling?


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