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The Reception

We gathered in Palo, The view from Palo during the reception the swank restaurant on board for the reception. The cake We toasted the happy couple and watched the first dance, the daughter/father dance, and the mother/son dance. Lisa & Pete's first dance Lisa & Pete gave us all favors- a cd of wedding music from all the attending couples’ weddings, and beach towels embroidered with the wedding date & Lisa and Pete’s magical wedding cruise. So cute! It was all so beautiful and relaxed and fun.  I’m just so happy for them I can’t even tell you.  I cried during the wedding, I cried during the reception, I was a mess!  All because they are both just so full of love for each other and their families and friends.  You can feel it.  And they are such good people.  I better stop before I tear up again! There are just too many photos to share in one blog post, so go here to see them all!

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