If you can’t get it on CNN at least you can get it here

Why this isn’t national news is beyond me.  The Charlotte area is in the midst of a severe gas crisis.  We are literally out of gas.  I live in a small town just outside of Charlotte and my town has been out of gas for weeks.  Let me just tell you what happened to me yesterday.  So I took Jorge (my RAV4) out to get gas as it was low and CSP was painting the dining room.  CSP drives Jorge to work and leaves me the truck since Jorge is so much better on gas.  My gas light came on not 2 miles into my journey.  I would have gotten gas on the way home from my Mom’s house on Monday but there was none to be found.  I had to go to 9 (NINE) gas stations before I could find gas.  I called CSP every few minutes to let him know where I was just in case I ran out of gas and had to sit on the side of the road.  Then finally, FINALLY, I found gas.  Then I had to wait in line for 45 minutes.  While in line I witnessed people hanging out of their car windows yelling at each other for breaking in line.  All the ginormous SUVs with their ginormous tanks, I just wanted to smack those drivers.  Save some for us little guys!  People are camping out overnight on gas delivery days.  It’s just nuts here, and not looking to get better.

We’re being fed a bunch of hooey about how it’s all because of the hurricanes.  People, I’ve lived in the SE all my life and this gas situation only just started with Katrina.  I’m not sure what the problem really is, but it HAS to get fixed.  People aren’t able to go to their jobs.  It’s insane!  Why we aren’t all driving around with solar panels on the roofs of our cars is beyond me.  I don’t get political on my blog much, but this is too much to ignore.  Since when did we have to plan out gas getting trips?  Allocating at least an hour?  I will never take gas for granted again.

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  1. I know what you mean. I live between Columbus, Georgia and Auburn, Alabama and I went to three gas stations the other day in order get gas. I don’t get it at all. It’s crazy!!?

  2. We had the same thing last week in Nashville. AAA estimated 85% of stations were out of gas and 100% in our area and even 30 min West of us (on Mike’s drive from work) were out. We are lucky, we have gas now-it is still running out, but it can be found pretty easily. We also go the Ike story, I have no idea why they are still saying that but they are). I hope they fix your town soon…it really was very scary and ours only lasted a few days

  3. I saw this on the Today show this morning! I thought about you right away! They said it is because people have been buying less gass so the big gas companies have been stock p iling less in the reserves and when the huricane came they ran out. BUT I wonder why big companies like Exxon or Shell are not senting some of thier deliveries from the north a little farther south. SOOOO odd!

  4. I live in Southern Indiana and this hasn’t been a problem for us here yet, but that is very scary. The whole economy situation is scary right now. People here talk all the time about the gas prices, the increase price of groceries and how a major auto maker in our area has started voluntary layoffs. I really don’t like the direction everything seems to be moving toward.

  5. Actually, this was on CNN. They showed some of the people who camped out in their cars overnight waiting for the tanker. What they didn’t say is that the tanker never came and all those people had to leave the next day with no gas! Some of the stations in Columbia SC were out too but nothing like Charlotte. They say that only 1 in every 18 stations has gas! You were lucky to get any at all!

  6. We have that little gas problem in Salisbury too. I thought we would never find any on Friday night! Hope this gets better soon!


  7. We had the same problem in Phoenix 3 or 4 years ago. It sucked the big one. Hopefully it will get better for you soon.

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