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My handy man

CSP is off for 2 days in a row this week so we’re painting the dining room.  We’re starting out with builder white and going to a color called Dynamo.  It’s a fun raspberry color.  I’ll post pics once we get the chair rail up and stuff hung on the walls.  I loooove the color and think it will go well with the lime color of the kitchen.  CSP thinks it’s a little disco Barbie but I’m in charge of the inside.  And he loves me.  So disco Barbie it is.

4 thoughts on “My handy man”

  1. Well, I’m not sure it’s a color that I’d go with, but maybe with the aproprite decorating and accessories it’ll work? *laugh* Sorry, my style is just more contemporary-modern…like a I want my house to look like a Pottery Barn catalogue.


  2. I like it… will the chair rails, etc be white to set off the color? I will have to let you know the next time I am up that way so we can get together, okay?


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