Direct Drama

We have been customers of Directv for almost 2 years now and have been very happy with them.  Our satellite almost never goes out, even in storms. The only issue we’ve ever had is with the dvr.  We’re currently using our 3rd dvr unit.  After a recent storm our dvr started acting funky.  It wouldn’t let us watch another channel while recording something.  So I called and made an appointment and they said he would be here between 12-4 on Wednesday.  Sounds good.  Well then Tuesday my dentist called and said that my new bite guard was in and could I come in on Wednesday morning.  I explained that I needed to be home by noon because of the Directv man coming.  No problem they said.

After the jump I’ll tell you all about my public argument with the Directv man.

Wednesday morning came and I got dressed to go to the dentist.  I opened up my garage door at about 10 minutes to 10am and there in front of my garage was a Directv man.

Hey!  You’re early!

Well, yeah, I was in the area.

Oh, ok.  Well I appreciate that but they told me you’d be here between 12-4 and I have a dentist appointment I have to get to right now.

But I’m here now.  And I just talked to someone inside who said they were getting out of bed to come let me in.  (this is impossible.  Jon was still asleep with no phone in the bedroom and I’m the only other human that lives here.)

Ok, well I really have to go to the dentist.  Listen, how about you give me your card and I’ll call you when I’m finished with my appointment.

But I called 803-555-1212, is that your number?

No, our number is 704-555-1212.  But regardless, I have to go.  Can I have your number?

It’s on your caller id.

Ok, I’ll call you soon.

Well, (huffs and puffs) well how far is Concord from here?

5 minutes.

Ok.  (walks toward his van)  Well it says here you’re having problems with your dvr?

**Now I’m LATE for my dentist appointment and this guy won’t leave!!!**


I got in my car and tried to back out when I noticed this jerk had backed his van up and is now blocking me in my own driveway!  Ugh!  He wouldn’t move!  I had to drive through my yard to get out on to the street!

I got home and told Jon what happened and he was livid.  I called Directv and canceled our appt that day and told them what happened.  They gave us 2 months of free Showtime and told me they would make sure to send a different rep next time.  They set us up for our new appointment.

Next time I checked the messages on our machine?  That same dude had left a message wanting to come back!  Said that “I know you said you had some things to do, and that’s ok with me.  Call me and I’ll come back out.”

I’m still playing phone tag with his supervisor.  Insane!

7 thoughts on “Direct Drama

  1. That (OK, HE) is crazy! I am glad you are reporting him to his supervisor. I can’t believe he lied and kept it up and then blocked you in. I would have been scared I think. I bet he was shocked to see you drive over your own grass and keep on going…

  2. Dude, that man needed reported – psycho!

    Our cable company shows up early every single time. Most times it’s okay because I’d rather be doing something else instead of hanging out waiting for a dude with plumber’s butt to fix my DVR.

    You so totally Dukes of Hazzarded that guy driving over your grass. Please tell me you were saying “Yee Haw” in your head! Please!

  3. uGH! What nerve!! I hate when people in service industries dont realize that 90% of thier job is customer service. GRR. (im also glad that I am not crazy and the only one who has problems with DTV. they make me tired)

    You should have run that little direct tv van over. Jorge could have taken him! 🙂

  4. We love our Direct TV as well but man I hate it when we have to call them out… Nothing but problems.

    Uugh. So much for customer service I guess.

  5. ugh. I really hate all that 9-12 12-4 appt nonsense.

    They always show up later than earlier i my experience. I would have reported him to, what a jerk!

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