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6 word challenge

Miss Joann challenged me to a 6 word sum up of my life.

Here are the rules:

You need to describe your life in 6 words….link back to me and tag 5 other people (Leave them a comment to let them know you’ve tagged them)…It’s that easy! This was a fun one!

But you know me, I’m a talker. So it was tough to get down to just 6 words.

Here is mine:

Supported and loved, I’m prayerfully hopeful.

Happy marriage of over 7 years to a wonderful man – check

Fabulous and fun family and friends that I love and adore – check

Money in the bank – check

Comfy and cozy home – check

Thanks JoAnn! I am tagging YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU, and YOU and anyone else who wants to play, consider yourself tagged!