The Real Girl

I watched Lars & the Real Girl this weekend. It was really, really good. At the center of the movie is Bianca, a Real Doll that Lars purchases and “dates”. But the movie isn’t really about Bianca so much as it’s about a family communicating and loving each other and Lars’ ability to connect with people. Curiosity got the best of me and I went to the Real Doll website. Holy smokes. Ok, first of all, these things really do look real. If you squint. Secondly, they are pricey. About $6500 to start. So no jobless perv is going to be shopping for a Real Doll. You can mix and match faces and bodies. It’s like a train wreck in there. Go, look. You’ll see. Be sure to check out the FAQs. One of the questions on there is if you can buy a female “skin”. Ew. Silence of the Lambs ew. Oh, and you can buy a she male! For those hard to shop for people on your Christmas list!

6 thoughts on “The Real Girl”

  1. Do they have any Real Lives? Cause it sounds like people may need to get one if they wanna throw around $6500 for a doll ; ) I can think of better ways to spend my Real Money, like for Real Chocolate or the dogs would go for some Real Dog Food… That’s so funny, Shanny. I swear I can just see you checking that website out. Love ya!

  2. speachless. wow. that is something.. So, I noticed thatits $50 more expensive to ship a male doll.. uhh does the penie weigh that much??

  3. Yeah, but for those who are strapped for cash can go to the bargain basement and get a throwback. THAT is just like real life.

  4. I watched a show on HBO years ago about the company that makes these things and it went through the whole process (no pun intended) of how they are made. They talked about how successful and busy they are and the different types of doll request they get! Really interesting and amazing AND creepy!

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