A dog numbers meme

I was tagged in this meme by Nevis, and I try to always do the mems I’m tagged for…! So without further ado…Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player than tags 4 or 5 people to also do the meme.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?   Hmmm…I was 24, working as a Human Resource Manager, dating a motley crew of boys.  CSP, he was in the management training program at his job.  The pugs, not even a twinkle in our eyes.

2. Five Things on my to-do list today. Me: clean house, make dinner, work on growth chart, make jewelry, wash sofa slip cover.  CSP: work til 7, go to Sam’s for milk & stuff, come home & play with pugs.  Molly & Kiki: nap, eat, nap.  Zoe: apparently drag each piece of dirty laundry from laundry room to her bed under the kitchen window.

3. Three snacks I enjoy. Me: Special K protein bars, white seedless grapes, shrimp cocktail  CSP:  Anything by UTZ, anything chocolate, pizza.  Pugs:  Anything they can get their paws on!

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Adopt 3 kids.  Pay off all bills, including credit cards.  Take lots of vacations.  Build fabulous “green” house.

5. Three of my bad habits. Me: procrastinating.  Starting too many projects at once.  Running late.

6. Five places I have lived. Me: Lakeland, FL; Cayce, SC; Fort Mill, SC; Charlotte, NC; Gilbert, SC.  CSP: Minnesota; Charlotte, NC;  Fort Mill, SC

7. Five jobs I have had. Me: cashier at grocery store, concessions stand girl at SkateWorld, Human Resource Manager, Registered Securities Rep for mutual funds company, bookkeeper.   CSP: stocker, produce clerk, manager for grocery store.  Pugs: professional sleepers & snugglers.

And I tag anyone who wants to do this.

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