Chivalry is Dead in Florida

Now that my Fun Florida recaps are over, I have a bizarre story to tell you. One of the nights we were in Orlando Gigi & I met up with one of her oldest and dearest friends who for the purposes of this story will be referred to Becky. Becky moved to the Orlando area a few years ago so we don’t get to see her often. But Gigi & Becky have been friends for over 20 years. We called Becky and arranged to meet up at Fulton’s Crab House. We suggested Fulton’s only because we didn’t know of any other restaurants around there except the ones in Downtown Disney. So we booked it over to Downtown Disney from the hotel, on foot, me with a gimp leg, trying to get there on time. Then we entered the throngs of humanity who were swarming all over the sidewalks of Downtown Disney and who insisted on slamming into us at every step, criss crossing like weavers in front of us as we made our way around what turned out to be a much bigger lake than we remembered. I was huffing and sweating and limping. A visual delight I’m sure.

We made it to the restaurant and up the stairs where we ran into Becky. She told us that her boyfriend, who we’ll call Dwayne, was at the table and she was going to the ladies’ room. We stopped at a couple of tables and chatted with people we knew on our way to the table. Dwayne remained seated at we sat down, didn’t offer his hand or anything. Weird. Especially because this is the first time we’d ever met him. The waiter came over and the first thing out of Dwayne’s mouth was “I hope this won’t take long cause I’m starving.” or something to that effect. Then he spent about 80% of the meal rolling his head around on his shoulders looking everywhere but at us. He really seemed like he would have rather been anywhere else but there. He joined in on the conversation a little bit, mainly to talk about how successful he is.

He ordered a $60 lobster and a $7 salad. Complained the entire time about how it tasted and in our choice of restaurants. We reminded him that we offered for them to choose the restaurant but they didn’t. While eating Becky remarked that the restaurant was much further from our hotel than she thought, so they would be happy to drive us home. He didn’t say a word. Becky threw back 2 glasses of wine at $12 each. Meanwhile Gigi & I both ordered the cheapest things on the menu (still $40! each) and iced teas just in case they decided to treat.

Then the bill came. Gigi grabbed my visa from me and put it down on the bill. Dwayne sat back in his chair, holding his card with his fingers against his belly and said “I don’t feel comfortable with this.” Gigi: “You don’t feel comfortable with what?” Dwayne: “I don’t feel comfortable with you paying for our meals.” Well, neither do we, Sport. Gigi: “No, we will pay for our own meals.” Dwayne: “Oh, ok.”

So the waiter came to take the bill and Gigi pointed to me and told the waiter to put both our meals on my card. Dwayne piped up and said “Just split it down the middle.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Gigi said “Noooo, put our meals on this card.” The waiter left and we listened to them talk about how they smoke and use plastic bags cause they don’t care about the planet since they don’t have kids. Nice. The waiter came back and handed me my card and Dwayne his. He signed his and split as fast as he could to race downstairs so he could smoke a cigarette. I opened up the little folder and the waiter had split it down the middle!!! I didn’t know what to do! Gigi & Becky were getting up to go to the restroom and Dwayne was gone so I just signed it and left too.

We all met back downstairs after the restroom and Dwayne’s smoke break. Becky told him to go get the truck since they were giving us a ride back. He said “There’s not enough room in the truck. Nice to meet you. Bye!” Now on the way down the stairs I twisted my knee. So by the time I got to where he was standing I was dragging my knee like a dead log behind me. He saw me. We all talked about my recent knee surgery at dinner. But he was perfectly ok with leaving me to walk the couple of MILES back to the hotel AT 10:30 AT NIGHT alone with my mom. Two women. Alone. At night. One of them injured. What a gentleman right? So they hugged us and left us, stunned, standing there facing a loooong walk back.

Here are some things that occurred to us while we stood there shocked and appalled:

1. WTF???

2. CSP & Papa would have NEVER let that happen.

3. Didn’t Becky ride in the truck to dinner? If it were so full wouldn’t she have noticed that there was no room for us before making the offer? Or did little truck filling elves pack it full while we ate?

4. Why didn’t he or Becky offer to make 2 trips if the truck was indeed full?

Maybe the Florida heat has burned the manners portion of their brains. Who knows but I tell you what, we won’t be dining with the Charmings again any time soon!

17 thoughts on “Chivalry is Dead in Florida

  1. OMG!!! I am totally appalled at these people! It sucks that they don’t care about the environment, but I think they’re doing the world a favor by not having/raising children! I’d hate to see what Dwayne Jr. would be like 😛

  2. Wow, that guy is the definition of an asshat. That’s horrible. ANd what a stupid waiter to have split it down the middle. Sorry you had to go thru that.

  3. What a poopy head. Sadly, that is why we always make sure we have cash when we are eating with people for the first time or those we don’t know very well.

  4. ohhh yeah. cash all the way for eating with others. I also make it clear from the get go to the waiter that we will be on separate checks. BAH. lameheads.. that SUCKS that you had to pay for his expensive meal.

    Id have LOST it on him on the smoking thing. UGH. some people’s children.

  5. Wow! What an asshole! And I know that your sister has been friends with Becky for a long time…but people change and aparently she has. I’m sorry to hear this. I think the worst part was the splitting of the bill.

  6. How bizarre. It’s like he went out of his way to ruin the evening…or maybe he didn’t that’s just him being charming. Makes you wonder what Becky sees in him, doesn’t it.

  7. Something similar happened to me once- where I was paying for half rather than just the two meals I said I would pay for… and like you, I noted this after the “other half” split.

    I just brought it to the waiter’s attention and had the charge adjusted. I worked in restaraunts – managers aren’t happy with errors like that, but everyone lives.

    At the very least you now know not to bother with those two bozos any longer. If and when they get married, send them a $20 gift card to that restaraunt.

  8. Good riddence! You’re better off without friends like that. Becky should realize how it strained your friendship, however she may be blinded by her new man’s attitude, or just does not care

  9. What a f**king a**hole! I don’t know how you held your tongue. I would have said something to point out what a jerk he was. He was just plain rude. I hope your mom’s friend eventually (soon!!) figures out what a loser this guy is and dumps his sorry butt. She must have some kind of love goggles on to put up with this kind of behavior.

    BTW, the charges on credit cards are not final until the waiters close out the tips. You could have had it adjusted.

  10. That’s an amazing story. You aren’t the only one who’s run into rude ‘friends’, but this really takes the cake. Thanks for sharing, I hope the truck got a spare tire while their cell phones died in the middle of nowhere.

  11. I just can NOT imagine a real man acting like that. What a Peter Pan. What a selfish child. Grow up, you pathetic creep & Wake UP, Becky, before you’re stuck trying to raise this stunted, pathetic little man!!! I’m afraid I’d have done exactly what you did & just sat there biting my tongue. Perhaps you could suggest he enroll in Men’s Fraternity where he’d learn that’s NOT the way a MAN behaves.

  12. “I just can NOT imagine a real man acting like that. What a Peter Pan. What a selfish child. Grow up, you pathetic creep & Wake UP, Becky, before you’re stuck trying to raise this stunted, pathetic little man!!! “

    Suzy, you don’t have to imagine anything – just go meet some folks out there! The younger, the better. Not that all young people are ill-mannered, but more and more and more of them just did not grow up in homes that taught any sort of manners.

    At the bank a few weeks ago I had an issue with an account I needed to resolve with some office-personality… The young lady I had to deal with was fresh out of college and when I came to her office while I was standing in the doorway she started to rattle off questions and I just stopped her dead in her tracks…

    “My name is Robert? What is yours? May I have a seat while we discuss this matter?”

    Standing up from her desk to deal with a client and introducing herself (maybeoffering her hand to shake – I still believe – go ahead and call me sexist – that a man should wait for a woman to offer her hand for a handshake, leaving the choice to her… that is how I was reared) and offering me a seat, apparently, had never crossed her mind.

    People just have terrible manners. It isn’t chivalry, (some women are just as bad), and it isn’t restricted to young people… But it DOES start in the home – I bet this guy was raised in a house where no one ever corrected his manners if anyone ever even paid attention.

    If you never get invited to dinner with those two winners again, it would probably be too soon.

  13. As a young person I must protest! It’s really our parents’ faults! This is a systemic problem that is not isolated! Young people – my age in particular – just don’t know, namely because their parents didn’t or were afraid to actually bring them up properly. We have grown up in the age of child services; where the children are aware of the rights that their age brings them and their curiousity encourages them to manipulate the system and their parents to benefit their own interests. The control has been removed from the hands of the parents and the children are growing up completely godless. They honestly just don’t know how to behave in public or any situation for that matter.

  14. uh…i believe the splitting of the bill thing is something i would not have let go…

    but as for the rest…. hey…in a world of equality…

  15. Ah don’t blame Florida. It’s become like the east coast California, full of damnyankees and misfits. Becky needs self esteem therapy.

  16. I would of told the waiter that he messed up and to make the corrections or no tip and you would talk to the manager… but that guy sounds like a complete loser…

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