Sell your smell

Reason #371 why I can’t wait to get to Baltimore, conversations like this one (shortened and paraphrased just a bit for blogging purposes and to protect the innocent and smell less):

Me: There’s this section of my knee where I’ve lost feeling since the surgery.

LisaOooh, nerve damage.

I think so.

I know a guy who lost his sense of smell in a car accident.  They’re offering to settle with him for $3500.

$3500 for his smell?  That’s awful!  That’s not nearly enough.

I’d take $3500 for my smell.

Not me.  Maybe $50,000.

What about $35,000?

No way.

What do you need to smell?

Cookies baking, babies, there are all sorts of smells I like.

If there are cookies baking I’ll just go eat one.  I don’t need to smell them.  $35,000 is a LOT of money.

Not enough to lose my smell.

Please, WHAT do you need to smell?  You can still taste.  You can still see. 

So what if you couldn’t smell Alyssa’s sweet baby smell anymore?  That’s worth  $35,000 to you?

If I want to smell her that badly I’ll go over and lick her head. 

7 thoughts on “Sell your smell

  1. No No, you mixed it up! They are offering him $35,000….I said I would take 35K, shoot I would even take $3,500…But not really the $3500 was me kidding, the 35K I would jump all over!

  2. The thing is. smell has a VERY VERY large part in tasting. You know how you have a cold and everything just doesnt taste like much? Try holding your nose and putting something in your mouth. Doesnt taste like much at all.Its because your nose is disabled. So, he likely cant smell OR taste very well.

  3. i actually know a guy who has no sense of smell. He eats plain grilled chicken all the time because as he puts it, i can’t taste it anyways, I might as well eat healthy. How much would it suck to not taste hardly anything? The only time it comes in handy is when you are dealing with poopie diapers or dog sick. Or you know, if your job was a sewer repairman. Then you probably wouldn’t mind too much!!

  4. I think not being able to smell could be a definate safety hazard in my home AND YOURS! CSP would never allow it. You wouldn’t be able to smell when something you’re cooking is on fire!! OR when that new lil’ darling leaves you a big present in the floor! Some times you just have to smell things to determine what they are…….blood/ketchup etc. AND those other folks are correct… if you can’t smell it effects your taste.There’s no amount of money that can buy that!

  5. My co-worker has no sense of smell, so she has to rely on people to tell her if she smells bad or if something is burning. She does has a sense of taste, but I would bet it isn’t as sharp as people with normal smell function. Personally, I wouldn’t want to lose that sense…while poo and vomit smell icky, there are way more wonderful things I would miss like the smell of the ocean, baking bread, flowers, etc.

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