B’more Bound

I have so much to do before I head up to Baltimore.  I’m finishing up 3 growth charts.  I have laundry to do.  I found a guy that’s gonna buy my camera lens (yay!) so I have to deliver that.  I have to iron CSP’s work clothes for the weekend.  Get my oil changed, wash my car, etc.   I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since Lisa’s first trip down here.  It was an impromptu trip.  Rachel was already planning to come down for a week.  Then the most terrible thing happened to Lisa that shattered her world and broke her heart.  I’ll never forget her phone call telling me that the wedding was off.  I can still remember the pain in her voice.  It still hurts my heart to think of her in so much pain.  And it makes me sooooo angry STILL just to think about it.  Through her sobs she was able to tell me that she had just found out that her fiance was a child molester and he had abused a child they knew.  It was just horrible.  She was so sad and lost sounding that I instantly invited her down to my house for a week to just get away from the city and all of the legal drama.So Lisa & Rachel came and we had the best time ever.  We saw Hell Unleashed, the Colossal Colon, Ninja Angels,  went to Shealy’s, saw my Uncle’s Dismembered Thumb,  played bingo & had cocktails with the recovering paraplegic with pepperoni nipples.We had some of the best conversations that trip.  I can’t wait to make more memories this weekend!  I can’t imagine my life without her in it. 

5 thoughts on “B’more Bound

  1. I can’t believe after seeing something called Colossal Colon AND your uncle’s dismemebered thumb in one week that Lisa still wants hang with you!! She’s a hell of a gal, that Lisa! LOL!! I kid, I kid, but still, you make it sound like you brought her down for a freak show! ha ha ha

    I’m sure you guys are going to have a great time this weekend. I can’t WAIT to hear what happens this go round!!

  2. Hope you have a blast this weekend! I’d say wave to me when you pass DC, but I’m going to be in Seattle for a week. I guess you can wave to my hubby and our kitty, Black Bean, instead! 🙂

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