Fabric store finds

Mexican oilcloth
The other day CSP & I met his mom for breakfast. While in her area we stopped at this MEGA cloth store. Jon found Vikings patterned fleece for a blanket, and we bought fabric to recover our dining room chairs.  I was also looking for some Mexican oilcloth.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any.  Fortunately there’s Google.  I found a few sites that sell it and one with a huge variety and good prices.  So I bought this fabulous aqua floral oilcloth.  I’m making a tablecloth for Spring/Summer.  LOVE oilcloth because it doesn’t fray and it’s super easy to craft.  Pictures of the completed dining room chairs when….well, when they are completed!

3 thoughts on “Fabric store finds

  1. Very cool! I love spanish-style decor…

    Check out this website. I know the owners and I’ve been to their brick & mortor store in Los Angeles (I used to live there).

    Ignore the fact that the website looks like it was built in 1995 – they’re good people and the stuff is quality.


  2. Seriously if you want more Viking fleece let me know…. WallyWorld sells it big time up here… for obvious reasons! ha
    OMG did I just say I would buy Viking fleece??? Yikes… scary for a Packer fan! hahaha

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