But you’re not wearing pants

CSP came in from taking the pugs out to potty.

Kiki just took the biggest dump, you wouldn’t believe it.

Oh yeah?

It’s almost worth showing you.

Then he looked me up and down.

But you’re not wearing pants.

Well, can I see it from the window?  (he was so excited about it I felt like I should humor him a little)


We craned our necks looking out the kitchen window but we couldn’t see the poo.   So I jokingly suggested….Why don’t you take a picture of it?

CSP got all excited and grabbed the camera.  My husband then went outside and took a picture of a pile of dog crap to show me.  This, this is what 7 years of marriage gets you.  Crap.  Literally.  Don’t worry, I didn’t upload the picture to flickr.  I did look at it though.  And I laughed about it all day.  CSP never ceases to crack me up.

Good Lord we need children.  Except once we get kids home is my husband going to come to me with pictures of their poop?  Shudder to think!

12 thoughts on “But you’re not wearing pants

  1. I have to agree with Lisa. I think we need to see the poop. You have built it up so much now, it’s like… a let down NOT to see it.

  2. Ha! That is totally something I would do. Although there is no way my husband would humor me the way you did him. He would be like “No way, no how am I looking at that, and stop talking about it. It’s gross!” You’re a good wife!

  3. Goo Golly Girly..you have in in tears ( again) …..I took a picture of Belle Pooping the other day. she looked so cute with her hunch back looking around as she did her buisness….I won;t post it though..a girls needs her privacy right?

  4. lol… I can’t stop laughing at the mental picture of him going out and taking a photo of pooh lol

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