Fish are friends

J & I saw Finding Nemo yesterday and we were the only people in the theatre without children. And I think we laughed the loudest. It was so great! We’re big Pixar fans anyway, but this was just the most beautiful, funny, film. It really is the most gorgeous Pixar movie they’ve made. Aside from the story (which is great- but more on that later), the colors and the way they captured the ocean is just amazing. It’s like you’re snorkeling for an hour and a half. It’s very relaxing to watch. Ok, the story… the characters are all just great. I especially love Ellen DeGeneres in this film. She’s hilarious. And Willem Dafoe is awesome. They all are really. There’s this one part, don’t worry- I won’t give away anything, but there’s this one part where we laughed so hard I went into silent laugh mode. J was afraid I might need medical attention. Oh, and I just love how they really capture the way kids talk. Esp when they’re excited. You know, all stops and starts and out of breath. So cute. The babies in this movie are just so cute. And true to the Pixar way, there are enough adult jokes that will go over kids’ heads that you’ll get and just crack up from.

So, I heartily recommend Finding Nemo. I can’t wait to see it again, and we’ll definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD. Oh, and stay through the credits. There aren’t any outtakes yet, but there is some cute animation and a character from a recent Pixar movie makes a special appearance.

Root, root, root for the home team

Last night after work J and I went to see a baseball game. It was such a perfect night for a game. No humidity, and it was so cool from all the rain it was almost chilly. I had won free tickets from work so we had amazing seats. We were up 4 rows from the front just to the 3rd base side of home plate. So we had a great view: Turns out the Durham Bulls beat my Charlotte Knights, but it was still a lot of fun. Here’s a shot of the mascot, Homer the Dragon. He’s really cute.

Today I think we’re going to see Finding Nemo this afternoon. Then tonight Marc and Sara are bringing Jake over for a cookout. We have to make the most of this sunny day. It feels like the first one in years!

Beep beep, beep beep, yeah

Reading Andrea’s 100 Things list yesterday made me think of all the cars I’ve had. (Her #100 thing was a list of cars she’s owned.) I have some great memories and funny stories featuring my fleet.

First car was a 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88. I bought it when I was 16 years old for $568. I know you’re jealous now, but just wait til you hear all about it. That car was this burgundy, maroonish color with the same color interior. The headliner was sagging (I stapled it back up a couple of times). The seals around the windshield and windows leaked so when it rained I’d have to sit on a towel and stuff towels everywhere to contain the water. If I were ever caught in a surprise rain shower the car would literally bleed on my clothes staining quite a few pairs of shorts a nice pink. That car was a tank and took a lot of abuse, but it was literally falling apart. To operate the turn signal I’d have to pick it up (because it was hanging on the steering column by it’s wires), jam it into the steering column, then move it to the blinker position. What a sweet ride. I drove it until it was damaged beyond repair while being towed from Columbia, SC while we were moving here. That’s when I ended up with a…

1986 VW Golf- color dark blue. Presented to me with a big red bow by my Mom & Stepdad my senior year of high school in 1990. I drove it for about a year and a half until the passenger side doors- both of them- refused to open anymore. The last straw was when the heater coil blew up sending burning hot steam all over my and my friends’ ankles while we sat at a Burger King drive through. I think that car was just mad at me for the time I accidentally poured the anti freeze in the place where the oil goes. Oh well, I knew it was time to trade it in for a…

1991 Honda Civic Hatchback- color Phantom Grey (practically black) My very first new car. I bought it myself using money I’d gotten for high school graduation as the down payment. I loved that car. I drove it to Miami to board a cruise ship for Key West & Cozumel with my 2 roommates and all our luggage in that tiny car. It held up really well until one day at work I was called to the front because some punk kid out joyriding in his grandma’s Buick had jumped the curb and landed right on my car, squishing it to the ground. I almost cried. I got it fixed though and drove it until a few months after meeting J in 1998 when it was so beat up that I had to trade it in for a…

1999 Honda Civic- color Silver This one I leased which turned out to be a really good thing. Loved this car too. Her name was Silvia. I would have driven it forever had a Cadillac not rear ended me going 55 mph while I was sitting at a stop light in September of 2001 totalling my car and putting me into physical therapy for 6 weeks. Since my car was totalled I had to buy a new one. This time I bought a…

2002 Toyota Rav4- color Silver I will drive this bad boy until he dies or I have more children than I can fit in the back. I love him so. I can pull the back seats out and haul just about anything. He’s got a roof rack and step rails and I can fit 3 buggies and 1 flat cart full of things from IKEA in him, plus luggage. He gets great gas mileage and is so fun to drive. His name is Jorge and I highly recommend purchasing one like him for yourself.

So, that’s my tale of transportation. I’d love to hear about all of your car stories!

I know how you are

J: Don’t drink the milk in the jug with the white label.

Shannon: Ok. Why not?

J: Because it’s out of date by 2 days and even though it’s just fine , I know how you are about not wanting to eat spoiled food.

*Note that he says this last part in a hoighty toighty voice like I’m too good to eat spoiled food. Like it’s crazy of me to not want to eat spoiled food. Gosh, I’m such a prima donna huh? I mean, come on, just because I’d like my milk creamy and not chunky all the sudden I’m such a food snob? Of course, this is all coming from the man who will eat anything in a tupperware dish a full week after I make it for dinner. He’ll scrutinize the ingredients on an out of date bottle of salad dressing and deem it safe for consumption as long as at least one of the ingredients is vinegar or salt. “Ach, it’s fine. It will be fine a year from now.” Maybe on your salad mister, but not on mine.

Monsoon Memorial Day

So we’ve begun construction of our ark. Just kidding, but I swear we need to get started if the weather keeps up this funky pattern. It’s been raining like the end of the world then breaking for an hour or so, then misting, then monsoon again. We had about 2 hours of sunshine yesterday. It’s May 27th and I’m wearing a thin sweater to work. This time last year it would have been at least 80 degrees, but they are only calling for about 72 degrees today. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the cool weather, but my back yard is starting to look like a jungle! Ok, enough of the weather report, on to the weekend update.

Saturday we had fun at my friend Michelle’s 4th annual Memorial Day party at her lake house. Then the whole family went out for a mexican dinner for Sara’s birthday. Sunday J and I ran around running errands and doing some shopping. Then he watched the race while I did some scrapbooking. Yesterday we went out for breakfast and to see X2 (the X men movie) which was fun. I love that Wolverine. I’m wondering though about the next movie in the series. Will Oscar winner Halle Berry sign up to play in an ensemble action movie again? Hmmm.


Birthday to my little sister Sara! She’s 27 today. We just returned from a Memorial Day party at the lake. I’m waiting on J to shower then we’re heading out for Sara’s birthday dinner. I can’t wait to give her her presents. We got her a tray, pitcher, bowls, flatware, serving bowls, plates, and set of 8 glasses for her to use on the patio. It’s all acrylic so it’s safe to take outside. She’s been wanting a set for a while. I love the colors (blues, greens, yellows) so much I want to keep it all for us!

I’ve been thinking about poor Lisa. I wish I lived closer so I could do something more to comfort her.