Twirly whirly scarves

I recently had a Pampered Chef party.  My consultant, Leslie, was wearing a gorgeous twirly scarf.  I asked her about it and she said she knitted it!  She showed me how she knit it up and I knew I wanted to make some for gifts.  I found the yarn at AC Moore and knit myself a practice scarf to be sure I could do it.  I’m hooked!  Here’s what the yarn looks like when you buy it:   That’s Paton’s Pirouette.  There are other brands that make similar yarns with similar results.  One skein makes one scarf.  Here’s what it looks like when you’re knitting it:    And here’s my first scarf- the finished product.    They are really bouncy and lightweight.  Perfect for chilly Spring/Fall evenings.   When I get really good at making them I may even sell some!

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