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Disney Fantasy Bermuda Day 6

Today we woke up and went to breakfast at the Cabana’s buffet again. It’s the fastest option vs a sit down served breakfast at Royal Court. We couldn’t help but notice the gray skies and rain.

The forecast for today was rain ALL DAY, and not just sprinkles, but full on RAIN rain!

This put a damper on our plans, but MIL & CSP decided to go out walking in the downpour anyway!!! I said BYE to those maniacs and went back to our room to read and relax in my dry clothes! CSP & MIL were hell bent on finding one of Bermuda’s famous fried fish on raisin bread (!!!) sandwiches! So they set out to locate one. That sandwich would have to be fed to me by Harry Styles himself for me to brave that rain! Ha! But! They found one!!! And they reported back that it was delightful!

LOOK how soaking wet CSP is!!! While out and about in Kings Wharf, MIL & CSP also tracked down a rum cake for FIL back home.

Look at CSP holding a closed umbrella! It won’t work if you don’t open it!

They still managed to have a good time, even though it was wet and rainy!

Not many people braved the elements today, so there wasn’t much of a line to get back on the ship. When they returned to our room, MIL & CSP were soaked to the bone! They changed into dry clothes while I ate my FREE room service lunch. Disney Cruise Line is one of the last cruise lines to still offer free room service. They have a great menu (I had a caprese sandwich with fruit). Just don’t forget to tip! Because we have late dinner we often order the All Hands on Deck cheese platter to snack on in the afternoon.

One of the fun things cruisers do on DCL ships is decorate our doors with magnets.

In fact, all of the walls in your room are magnetic too so (PRO TIP) we bring magnetic hooks to hang things around the room! I had these magnets made by Cruise Designs BB on Etsy. They did a fabulous job and got the magnets to me v quickly! My MIL was so excited to see her name on the magnets. Plus, a decorated door is easier to find in a long hallway of identical white doors!

Another little fun tip is on the tv in your room there’s a channel that shows the view from the bridge!

CSP loves this channel plus the one under it called Bridge Report which gives the latitude and longitude and shows the path your ship has cruised on that voyage, plus the locations of the other Disney ships. These channels also play Disney music.

One of the other things I love about a Disney cruise is that you can run into characters all over the ship!

Minnie on deck 4 of the Fantasy

We left Bermuda at approx 3 pm after some commotion- there were 4 passengers who they called over the PA to report to Guest Services right at 3pm. I thought oh wow- they aren’t back on the ship yet! Sure enough we heard some noise coming from outside so we all went out on the balcony to see what was up. Everyone was yelling and cheering and those 4 people were running towards the ship down the dock. It was so funny! Not too funny if you get left behind though! And they WILL leave you! Look on YouTube and see all the pier runners!!!

By now it was time to get ready for dinner. Dinner tonight was in Enchanted Garden.

It’s such a pretty restaurant! We were seated next to Gabby & Rob from Virginia (at their own table) and their baby boy Jamie. Gabby is a travel agent and we hit it off right away! They are so nice!

After dinner tonight was one of my favorite cruise shows- Match Your Mate. It’s like the Newlywed game. We rushed to the Tube (one of the adult bars/clubs onboard) but it was PACKED!!! The guy at the door said they would be broadcasting next door in O’Gill’s pub. We raced next door and managed to snag a table. Success!!!

Things were looking promising until they changed the channel to a hockey game!!! Nooooo!!! So CSP & I went out to the Carousel bar.

They were showing Match Your Mate on one screen but it was far away with no empty chairs in front of it (this pic is zoomed in) and we couldn’t really hear it. WHOMP WHOMP. Also, I ordered the drink of the day- the Yellow Bird- and it was a STRONG pour so CSP just escorted me back to the room then he went back to O’Gill’s to finish watching the hockey game with sports loving MIL.

Tonight’s towel animal. No idea what this is! A bunny?

Here is where MIL slept. The sofa converts to a bed and she said it was quite comfy!

Goodnight! Tomorrow is our last sea day!!!

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