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Bachelor Finale

BBs! We are finally here! The finale! Praise be. I’m so tired of Zach. He’s so boring and problematic! More on that later. Let’s dive in…

We start in LA where Ariel comes out looking stunning! A says she’s hurt because at her last Rose Ceremony she didn’t know Zach had gone back on his word and had sex with Gabi. A didn’t find out until she watched it on tv! And apparently Z had AMPLE time to tell Ariel all about his mess up, but he didn’t. Zach comes out on stage and Ariel confronts him. She is SO poised and elegant. She wants to know why he wasn’t honest with her when his whole brand is honesty. A dresses Z down so well I applaud her! You’re better off without him sweetie!

Back to Thailand. We are treated to yet ANOTHER shower scene starring Khaki Zach and no soap! COME ON ABC. He’s not even that ripped! Ugh. Anyway, Zach’s family is in Thailand ready to meet his women. We have mom, dad, and 2 sisters. Gabi meets the fam first but before they go inside she and Z sit down for a chat. G says she feels guilty and conflicted after the last Rose Ceremony when Z confesses that they had sex in front of God and the world, WITHOUT G’s consent!!! G says she feels like a mistake. Z reassures her and halfheartedly apologizes and they go inside to meet the family. Personally I feel like she let him off the hook too easily.

Family time goes great and afterward Gabi tells Z she’s in love with him.

The next day it’s Kaity’s turn to meet the family. K gets all emotional talking with Z’s parents. And afterwards, unsurprisingly, K tells Z she’s in love with him.

Next up are the final dates. First Kaity and Zach hike to a waterfall and make out. You can see straight through the back of K’s white pants. That night they make out and chat about their feelings. The next day Z and Gabi go horseback riding to the beach. Z keeps talking (his fatal flaw) about his big decision and how he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. G gets v emotional about the whole thing. Why doesn’t he know yet? Why doesn’t he pick her first?

Both girls wear v cheeky swim suits. Is this the style now? To have your tush out for the world to see?? Back in my day (says the old lady), we dug our swim suits OUT of our bums!!! I digress.

That night Zach tells Gabi he’s falling in love with her, but he tells the camera he’s still not sure who he’s going to pick.

Proposal Day

Jesse helps Zach pick out a stunner of a ring. Guess Neil Lane couldn’t make the trip.

Gabi arrives first looking amazing. She has killer legs. She gets to Zach and he’s talking about how great she is then says “BUT” and Gabi knows right then that it’s not her getting a ring today. Zach keeps talking (UGH, what did I tell you) even though G has turned away and is crying and is saying I don’t want to hear it. He just keeps going until she says “stop” and it’s like he can’t help himself. ALL she wants to do now is leave and here Z is following her talking talking talking when G does. not. want. to. hear. it!!! He walks her to the car and my heart is breaking for her. Just SHUT UP Zach!!!


Gabi is crying on stage with Jesse. She said in the car leaving the proposal site that there’s something wrong with her (SO UNTRUE) and she’s unlovable (AGAIN, FALSE) and that she’s humiliated (WAY TO GO ABC). Gabi looks amazing but is still upset. And rightfully so. Z comes out. G says that on their Fantasy Suites date Z said that their sex was just between us. Then he turns right around and broadcasts it to the world! SO SELFISH. Gabi tells Z “I wish you would have just sent me home when you knew”. Z apologizes but between you and me, it’s not enough. I HATE how they (Z & ABC) humiliated her on tv just to get back to the old formula. Z should have sent her home when he knew!


Zach proposes to Kaity and while I like K a lot I’m still upset with Z over Gabi so I’m a bit salty.


Z & K say they are moving in together in Austin and planning for a 2025 wedding. Congrats! Jesse asks Zach when did Z know that K was the one and Z says it was on their last chance date. BOOM. So he could have sent Gabi home instead of stringing her along and making her suffer through one last date and the proposal day. But he didn’t. UGH. I hope Khaki Pants Zach is better to you Kaity, than he was to Gabi.

Well BBs, thank the LORD that’s over and we can move on to Charity’s Bachelorette season! See you in June!!! xo 🌹