Bachelor Week 5

BBs! I was on a cruise last week so today I caught up on the last 2 episodes! This week we’re in London! There was much pip pipping and tally ho-ing going on.

Gabi 1-1

Gabi and Zach go to a 300 year old perfumery and make their own fragrance called Zabi. They have their own butler, play with corgis, have high tea, try on ball gowns, and do a bunch of shopping. Gabi goes back to the hotel and shows everything to the other v jealous girls. Greer gets so upset she gets up and leaves the room in tears. She is crying in the hallway when Gabi comes by trying to get to her room with her shopping bags and ball gown in tow. AWKWARD.

Fake Dinner

Gabi puts on the beautiful ball gown and Jimmy Choos (yet doesn’t do anything special with her hair, hmmm). She shares that in her past relationships she wasn’t made to feel seen or beautiful or special. Then UB40 (!) performs and Gabi gets the rose.

Group Date

Before the girls can leave for the date they receive a note from Zach that he’s under the weather and won’t be joining them. The girls are all upset but still go out on a double decker bus tour. The girls are all moping about and then it starts to rain on them. Once the rain stops though, they have a change of heart and try to make the best of the situation and start to have fun touring London.

After Party

The ladies get all dressed up but a butler appears with a message from Z saying he’s still not feeling well enough to join them. Tears all around!

Charity 1-1

Welp, Z tests positive for Covid! So no date for Charity. She’s visibly upset by the news.

Virtual Cocktail Party

Z has the Covid but the show must go on so each girl files into a separate room and is able to have some 1-1 time with Zach virtually- via FaceTime and an iPad. Greer makes an odd comparison while speaking to Z about his Covid compared to when she had Covid at the end of a sales quarter. Z doesn’t like his quest for love being compared to sales quotas and expresses this to Greer. Greer gets all upset and cries thinking she has ruined her chances with him. Meanwhile, Z is upset and emotional over having to do everything virtually, but that’s show biz, baby!

Virtual Rose Ceremony

Greer gets the last rose and is in tears. Kylee and Mercedes (honestly forgot who she was before this episode) go home.

And that’s all she wrote for week 5 my BBs! xo 🌹

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