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Carnival Horizon Southern Caribbean Day 4

Today we are in La Romana in the Dominican Republic! This morning we had breakfast at the Lido Marketplace buffet on deck 10. Then we went up on a higher deck to get a look at La Romana.

CSP decided he’d rather stay on the ship today so we went back up to deck 15 and the Serenity area to see if we could score another clamshell lounger. We were in luck and it was another gorgeous day today!!!

We spent most of the day up on deck in our clamshell lounging, relaxing, and reading. I finished my book Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover. Later we got a snack on deck 10 then went back to our room to shower and get ready for dinner.

CSP was rushing me to hurry up and get to dinner on time. We walked up to the restaurant and the doors were closed! What?!? Then I looked at the clock on the wall. It said 5 o’clock. Dinner starts at 6! We were an HOUR early because my phone and watch had both automatically changed to local time instead of ship’s time! DOH! The whole ship’s time vs real time thing is more confusing than it should be!

To kill time we explored the ship a bit.

Pixels- where you go get your ship photos printed
Pig & Anchor on Deck 5.
Pig & Anchor on the left, Pixels on the right
The smart elevator kiosk. You choose your location & it tells you which elevator to ride.
I like how they have the deck # on the carpet so you don’t get lost.

We went up to deck 5 Promenade and the coffee shop where J got a coffee and some chocolate covered strawberries for us.

so yummy!!!

Tonight at dinner Jon had a salmon cake and I had fried chicken. Our server team consisted of Rocky (who’s been with Carnival for over 20 years!!!), Darwin (his assistant), and Lemuel (the bread and butter man). They were all great and gave excellent service! At dinner we found out from my parents that there was a lazy river on La Romana! I LOVE a lazy river! Dang it CSP for wanting to stay on the ship!

Our hallway to our room
Our room
They even decorate the panels next to our door

After dinner we went back to the room and changed clothes then went back up to Serenity and read in a clamshell lounger. Except CSP couldn’t find his phone. We looked everywhere around the lounger and he went back to the room. He came back up empty handed. I got up to help him find the phone and DOH! I’d been laying on it! Ha!!!

The big screen tv by the pool. Showing Wakanda Forever.

Tomorrow: Bonaire!!! I promise we get off the ship!

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