Bachelor Week 4

BBs we’re off to the Bahamas!!! The girls fly to Baha Mar in Nassau while we endure yet another shower scene with Zach (and no discernible soap) rubbing his oddly trimmed chest hairs. At the resort the next 1-1 is announced and Greer bursts into tears because it’s not with her. Then another girl starts crying and I’m pondering if I should be drinking wine while I watch this ridiculousness?!?

Kat 1-1

Kat & Zach go out on a catamaran and dance ( I use that term loosely) and go snorkeling. There are all these cool sculptures under the water! I want to snorkel there! That night at Fake Dinner Kat tells Z all about her strained relationship with her mom, and that at one point it got so bad between them that Kat moved out of the family home for a bit. Kat gets the rose.

Group Date

The group of gals and Zach head to the beach for a fish fry, limbo and games. Anastasia pulls Zach away for some one on one time and Kylee does not like it, so Kylee interrupts a few minutes later. The girls awkwardly go back and forth with each other, each not wanting to give in. Kylee says “I don’t want to fight you for it” (or something to that effect). Anastasia gives up and lets Kylee hang with Z, but while K & Z are chatting, Anastasia goes around to literally anyone who will listen and tells her that Kylee is trying to fight her and implies it would be a physical fight. I mean! Come on! Well this doesn’t sit well with Kylee so at the After Party that night, Kylee tells Z that Anastasia said she’s excited about all the Instagram followers she will get because of being in the top 14. Kylee says Charity heard Anastasia say it first hand. Z confirms this with Charity and the quote is “The 14 of us girls that are left will get at least 50 k followers”. Uh oh! Z pulls Anastasia and confronts her about it. Anastasia denies it but doesn’t look shocked that it happened. Then she backpedals a bit and says her words were twisted.

Meanwhile Jess took Rhiannah’s advice about shine bright like a diamond too literally as she is COVERED in body glitter yet again! Ariel gets the group date rose. Anastasia ends the night in tears.

Brooklyn 1-1

Brooklyn and Zach ride ATVs all around the island, Brooklyn in TINY Daisy Dukes. Then they go have champagne at a secluded beach and go swimming and make out. That night at Fake Dinner, Brooklyn tells Zach about her ex and how he was emotionally and physically abusive, like her dad. That she was in a 6 year relationship with him and how hard it was to leave, but that she did finally get out. That one time the cops woke her up because she was knocked out cold by the ex! Oh my heart breaks for this young girl! She’s only 25! And to have gone through so much. Kudos to her for being so strong and kudos to ABC for not editing it out for more fun content. ABC even posted the Domestic Violence hotline number on the screen.

Cocktail Party

Z comes in a asks to speak with Anastasia. They go talk and he sends her home. Meanwhile Kylee is freaking out about Anastasia going home because of her, but insisting Anastasia made her own bed. Not every girl gets time with Z, including Kylee. Kylee starts crying and freaking out over having to stand through a rose ceremony just to be sent home.

Rose Ceremony

Kylee gets the last rose. Jess is again BLINDING me with her body glitter! I like to sparkle too but dang! Davia and Genevie (NOOOOOO!!!) go home.

Next week they are off to London and BBs, some BIG drama apparently happens because everyone, including Z is crying in the previews!!!

Until next time BBs! 🌹xo

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